Value Based Procurement at its Best

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

This years Bed & Stretcher initiative is sure to be another tremendous success. On September 13th, over a hundred vendor and hospital representatives attended our vendor fair at the Congress Centre in Mississauga.

We had a chance to sit down with a couple of this years participants to get feedback and its refreshing to see how motivated, appreciative and engaged the delegates are. One participant facility we spoke to brought a team of 6 individuals to attend the fair. Attendants ranged from clinicians, maintenance supervisors, ward managers and custodial services. The purpose of the multidisciplinary team is to have everyone assess equipment based on his or her expertise. What is it like to use the bed? How about clean the bed? Or move the bed?

Catering to healthcare facilities of all sizes is a CAPsource advantage. So, is the inclusion of vendors of all sizes if it means members get access to the best equipment available. This vendor fair was the first attended by a small company based out of Erie, Pennsylvania, called CSI Jewett – fine purveyors of morgue stretchers. Although CSI Jewett specializes in morgue and autopsy equipment, their morgue stretcher is often overlooked however, they were excited to showcase their product during the event.

Since the fair, the process has moved along in a timely fashion. The evaluation process is almost complete and we anticipate that the preferred vendors will be identified by October 24th, 2018. From there, negotiations will take place with the goal of establishing Vendor of Record agreements with multiple vendors shortly thereafter. We establish multiple agreements with multiple vendors because we want to provide our members with the most flexibility and the best value available for their Bed & Stretcher procurement. Stay tuned for more details as they are finalized.

We brought a diverse team that included clinicians, maintenance, finance and ward management. I can honestly tell you that every one of them will come away saying this was a tremendous experience. Because I (get to) bring the entire team to one place where they get to touch and feel the equipment, pose questions and collaborate with vendors, we will always be ahead of the curve for our needs.”

Meghan Darwin, Peterborough Regional Health Centre

“We enjoy the opportunity to speak with such a targeted audience. This is a far more efficient way of speaking with a group of people that are motivated to learn about our products – its more concentrated.”

Mark Hawryluk – Sales Representative, CSI Jewett